Friday, July 27, 2012

The Universe and Things

It is funny how no matter how planned and organized we are that things could change at any given moment. Twenty-four hours ago, I was thinking about all that I had to get done before leaving for our vacation this weekend. I had been sitting at a training for the last four days and was zoning out, not looking forward to attending the last day which was supposed to be today. I was thinking about how I'd be feeling; anxiously awaiting our departure so I could hurry home, pack the car, and finally get back on the road to vacation freedom. This all changed last night. Instead of sitting in a conference, zoning out, and rambling with my thoughts I am blogging to you all and anxiously awaiting my appointment for some much needed fertility testing. 

For those of you who have been following my blog for any ornate amount of time, it was almost a year ago that we started this journey in my post Baby Steps. We've actually been trying to conceive for almost three years now, but my husband is a little stubborn. He finally bit the bullet and went in for his end of the testing, thank God. I had exhausted as much testing as they would do on me until they new what was up with him. The Bear couldn't have timed it any better. I have to go in at or very closely around day 10 of my cycle for this next imaging procedure. My doctor called yesterday afternoon, reported Justin's results, and was able to schedule and get me in today (day 10!) without having to wait another dreaded month. I'm a little nervous as this will not be a fun and a little painful, but my lady doc did put in an order for a valium. Not that I advocate prescription pain-killers, but this will help calm my nerves and the pain. I've been reading a lot about health and spiritual happiness lately. One of the websites I am loving right now is Kris Car's Crazy, Sexy, Life. Her wisdom and superstar contributors have helped me let go of negative "baggage" and manifest positive energy, so I know the universe and God are on our side. For more on how you can create and manifest awesomeness you can click on the link above. 

In other news, our lake vacation awaits! I plan on cooking up some great meals this week; however, am waiting on a menu until we can assess the kitchen artillery. You can look forward to more news, vacay pictures, and dishes throughout the upcoming week!


  1. Sara, I have been praying for you all. Have a great, much deserved vaca! miss you lady

  2. Have a wonderful trip! Thinking of you.