Monday, February 22, 2010

Deep Cleansing

Believe it or not we had a snow day. So, snow day equals deep cleaning the house day! Yay! This may make me sound like a ultra neat freak; however, I just can't beat that lemon fresh sent that smells like spring. Ahhhh! The extra time on my hands also got me thinking about the great throwdown which will be occuring within the summer months between myself and me fatha! So, I e-mailed a couple of mi amigos (Bobby Flay and the owners of Fiorella's Jackstack BBQ) this question:

Within the summer months, I am co-hosting a BBQ throwdown with my father. We are co-hosting a couple’s wedding shower for my sister. As a resident of Kansas City, the theme came about from Bobby Flay's show and our family's great passion for awesome food. My assignment is the almighty pork loin. I have requested to use the gas grill and have a killer rub; however, am questioning the use of a smoker. My rub includes typical native ingredients indigenous to the Kansas City BBQ area, but also utilizes the smoky aromas of smoked paprika. With the smoked paprika in mind, is there really any need to slave over a smoker all day in order to achieve my throwdown greatness?

Any suggestions?? I have also began formulating the ideas to change the format of my blog. Since I love and have a huge passion for food....why not share it with you all? While the population is quite small right now, I believe we could all share something that is great. Hopefully, some of that being my food. I don't want this turning into one of those typical blogs where you see a photo of everything I ate that day, but maybe something with some good ideas for you and your family to share. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Birthday

My sister, Erin, came down this weekend for my birthday celebration and to do a little wedding dress shopping. Originally, I was very nervous and thought that I might be sabotoging the day. Somehow, with a little hope, a little planning, and a positive attitude the day was one of those perfect days you don't want to end. We started at a bridal boutique up the street from my house that graciously served mimosas. Erin tried on four beautiful dresses. Each dress was different and stunning. Amongst all the wedding bliss and mimosas; however, we picked out the top two dresses without discussing designers or price. Ha! Then, we headed to my favorite sushi place. Mmmm...spicy tuna rolls and the firecracker roll. With the 40 degree weather and sunshine, it was like reliving fond memories from the summer. Next, we visited the bridal shop from which I purchased my gown. It brought back more good memories. Erin even had the same consultant! It was at Ida's Erin found her dress. Although she did have to sleep on the decision, we went back the next day and made the big purchase. After the great success in wedding dress shopping, we did a little shopping and ended the day with a great Italian feast at Garozzo's. Justin was so sweet and continued to surprise me with little gifts of chocolate and Penzy's Spices. I am so thankful to have such a great husband and family. Thank you to everyone who was here to celebrate, the lovely birthday cards, and phone calls. It was truly a special day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

19 and Counting

Last night I indulged in a guilty pleasure. I do not usually watch much T.V.; however, Justin was in class so I had free range over the remote. I was captivated between the Discovery Channel and TLC's show about the Dougar family. Can you really help yourself? It is really one of nature's great mysteries that the woman birthed 19 children! Anyhow, I've come to the conclusion that the only reason there has not been a pop culture quiz question over the show. Will she have more kids?? Here is how I would state the million dollar question..."In 2010, TLC aired the reality show hit 19 Kids and Counting about a religious family with 19 naturally born children. Can you name all 19 children?" So, can you? Maybe for the challenge you could even time it. Ha!