Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ode to Jen

My friend Jen's birthday is tomorrow. After knowing her for almost 13 years now, I've finally got the date right. She will be turning 28. Later this year, we will be celebrating our 10-year high school reunion. Hard to believe it's been 10 years since high school! Anyway, in honor of my friend Jen I wanted to post some old newspaper clippings of us during some of our high school glory days. My friend Jen is someone who truly enjoys life, has a beautiful smile, and is the most optimistic person I know. Happy birthday to you Jen!

Friday, January 23, 2009

30 Minutes to Peace

I have to thank all of you for the suggestions regarding my insomnia. It really has been quite an issue. Thanks to your remarks and ideas I have started doing the following:
  • I have been working out. Jogging mainly. Really, I hadn't done much running (my favorite activity) since July when we did the 5K. It really feels fabulous.
  • Writing my issues down on paper before or during my insomnia issues (Thank you Bekah). I realized I was over-thinking many things and needed clarity as to how to express them. It made me realize I am a problem-solving, organizational, anal retentive, perfectionist person. There are some big tasks I have chosen to take on. It made me realize maybe I have more of an administrative personality than I originally thought. Really, this one is not only helping me with insomnia, but also helping me in my leadership and communication roles.
  • I will try my half-four to piece meditation CD thanks to my cousin Abbie. As a member of the Calderwood family, she knows alternative ways to better living and is a great leader herself. Not to mention, I think she understands our family's tendency to over-analyze and debate any issue.

So, I've been sleeping better and hope to sleep the best after trying my cuz's CD. Thanks again!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, for about the last month or so, I've been experiencing restless, sleepless nights where I am not getting a full nights rest. You know, the kind where you fall asleep, but then wake up and toss and turn for hours on end. Then an hour before you need to wake up, your alarm goes off just after you have settled into a somewhat sound sleep only to have to continue yet another day. The process of total exhaustion then repeats and leaves you hoping you can get a try at a good night's sleep that night.

I thought back in December this was due to holiday and finals stress, but now I'm starting to get worried. Really, I know I can't complain too much as many of you experience interruptions in your sleeping patterns due to children; however, there is no reason as to why I should not be getting a full night's rest. It is really getting very frustrating and exhausting throughout the day. I'm starting to get very irritable and it is starting to effect my ability to concentrate and focus on stuff that really needs to get done at work. Any tips on what I should do????? Do I need to go to the doctor? This has never been a problem before. What gives?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beards & Bears

I didn't think as many people would respond to Justin's beard, but clearly I was wrong. After reading the Bearded Bandit, one of Justin's co-workers put this together. She is a graphic designer for the city and does great work. Thanks Jackie!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bearded Bandit

So this is my husband, Justin, on our honeymoon in Jamaica last year. It isn't the best picture, but if you look very closely, you'll see a little scruff. This year, he has grown a full-on beard. Maybe it was the cold weather or the fact he doesn't want to shave his whole face. Either way, I must say I find it very attractive and something to blog about. Really, he looks quite handsome.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Originally I had planned to dress a little more comfortably. We had a professional development day, which lends itself to dressing down and wearing jeans. I still wore jeans, but instead of sneakers I wore an old pair of boots from college. I must say they are a little shabby, but every time I wear them I feel somewhat empowered. I don't know if it's the way they look with jeans, the way the heels sound as they hit the floor, or the fond memories they bring back from the good ol' days at Paddy's. Somehow, it just made me feel very positive. So, my five positives for the day include: 1) wearing my black boots, 2) collaboration at work, 3) drinking plenty of water, 4) sleeping totally awesome last night, and 5) getting a very positive complement about my teaching abilities and how they have improved since last year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Adding Some Bling to the Blog

Thanks to my fellow co-worker, Sara, the blog has a new background. I am quite fond of the diamonds! Everyone had all these cool backgrounds and my lack of techno-saviness was impeding my ability to make A Nickel's Worth of News really stand up to its true value. Thank you Sara K.!
Also, here is a picture I've been meaning to add for a while. While it may seem I am abandoning my Alma mater, Iowa State, my sister and I really can't help ourselves when watching Heisman trophy winner sexy Sam Bradford on the field. This is our tribute to the Sooners. Another one of my New Year's resolutions is to come up with five positive statements throughout the day. Good news is, I woke up this morning and found out there is only three more days till the BSC National Championship game. Boomer Sooner baby! Other positive things that happened today were seeing all my lovely colleagues at work, staying on track with drinking plenty of water, getting organized at work, and finding this lovely blog background.
I hope everyone is doing well and recovering from the holidays. There will be more blogging tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Well the holidays came and went as fast as a blink of an eye. Here is a gingerbread house that my sisters and I built over Thanksgiving. Justin and I couldn't believe it when we saw it over Christmas as the poor little house endured humid conditions, smoke inhalation from a self-cleaning oven attempt, and survival from not being eaten. Amazing!
Hmmm, I guess it is on to New Year's resolutions. Among the typical resolutions such as getting some sort of physical activity throughout the week I am vowing to keep in better touch with friends and loved ones. Hopefully this will mean getting back to calling people more often and more frequent blogs. While I love my husband dearly, it gets pretty lonely down here and it is only up to myself to try and keep better communication. So I resolute to blog more often! Happy New Year!