Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Improvement

While we were a little disappointed about the loss to the Hawks, Justin and I quickly cheered ourselves up this weekend with our first home improvement project. We cleaned out both of our storage closets in the apartment and took about four carloads of stuff over to the new place. Then, we went on our first trip as proud home owners to Home Depot. I have a major aversion to padded toilette seats. Some find them quite comfortable; I however, find them grossly disgusting. Maybe it's a texture thing or something, but padded toilette seats just seem dirty to me. It doesn't matter how clean the bathroom or the rest of the toilette may be, it just makes me cringe. Anyhow, above is the nice new, non-padded toilette seat Justin installed. It even can be easily removed for deep down cleanliness. How cool is that?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yes, it has been a while since the last blog. I appologize for this and don't blame you at all if you have quite checking our blog all together. Unfortunately, life has been very hectic. We closed on the house Monday, I had a bit with the flu, work is crazy with crazy kids (and I mean really crazy), and we have class just about every night of the week to add to our list. How are we going to move? I have asked myself this many times, especially when I was layed up in bed all day yesterday. It's times like these I remind myself, "There are 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and 30 days in a month. It will get done," and the major quote, "This too shall pass."

On a different subject, is everyone ready for a good old football rumble on Saturday? Let's hear it for the Cyclones! I will bring my camera with me wherever we watch the game. What is a blog without a good picture?