Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blackened Tofu

This photos says it all.  I actually have a red kitchen.  I love the color and actually had planned on painting my kitchen red sometime in my life.  Any chop block type background you see in any of my photos is from my countertops circa 1970 something and I totally love it.  I just wish I could capture more of my recipes in more natural light to share some of the beauty.  Not everyone may love it, but I truly adore my kitchen.  It is a sanctuary.  Words cannot explain the true therapeutic value cooking brings to me.

Just like any situation in life, I can really screw things up in the kitchen; however, it is such a beautiful mess.  I've never made tofu before.  Thinking it was a little sturdier than it's delicacy, I originally flipped my pressed blocks like I would chicken breast.  Then, this happened:

My beautiful blackened rectangles cracked and fell apart.  I kept thinking, "What am I doing wrong?"  Not realizing that the texture is a little more delicate than meat, my colleagues informed me that this happens all the time.  I guess I need to be more gentle:)  Not such a big problem in the large scheme of life.

Many have been excited for this post.  Not to disappoint, I wanted to share the pictures; however, I cannot steal glory.  I actually never would have tried cooking tofu on my own without the step-by-step help of Emily Malone from Daily Garnish.  I love Emily's blog and find inspiration in her vegetarian recipes.  I cannot take credit for this recipe, but have left the link above.  This tofu recipe is all it claims to be.  It will make any meat eater more open to vegetarian recipes and anyone fearful of tofu not so afraid.  It was truly wonderful!!  Please give it a try:)

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