Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What happens at night, leaves you standing in the middle of a major interstate highway, and explodes?  Now that I've really got your attention, I'll explain.  Saturday my husband invited me to come on the job with him to watch the Quivira bridge demolition.  He is a civil engineer for the City of Overland Park.  His usual duties include overseeing street projects, bridge inspections, designing and building new hiking and biking trails.  Justin also serves as a liaison for the city and the Kansas Department of Transportation.  This includes getting to watch bridges be built and demolished.  Yes, your tax dollars are being well spent by the government on improving our city and state's infrastructure. I not only got to watch the explosion, but also took a sweet ride in a bucket truck and learned lots of interesting procedures that are involved in blowing up a bridge.  Here is a video clip of the excitement:

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