Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer BBQ Tour: Part Deaux

  I don't know why we didn't ever find this place earlier since living in the Kansas City area, but RJ's Bob-Be-Que has got it goin' on!  Literally just down the street from Johnny's BBQ is RJ's.  RJ's is run and owned by Robert (Bob) Palmgren, a formally French trained chef.  His secret rubs and sauces have a classic smoky BBQ flavor, with a secret Cajun style kick.  Hence the very Cajun or Creole play on words in the Bob-Be-Que name of his restaurant.

What I truly love about the places we've visited on our Summer BBQ Tour is that we see the boss in action.  Bob is literally smoking the meats, frying the fries, seating guests, and waiting tables just like the rest of his employees.  It isn't very often you get to see a BBQ legend right before your very eyes.  It truly makes you feel that every guest is getting special 5-star dining treatment.

The decor pays tribute to John Wayne and the many BBQ contests in which Bob has featured his famous BBQ.  We thoroughly enjoyed the old country music playing in the background as we anxiously awaited our meal of burnt ends. 

One thing I have learned since living and experiencing BBQ in Kansas City, is to order the burnt ends.  Burnt ends are the tasty little morsels of brisket that get a little extra double smoking treatment.  If you love beef, smoked meats, and BBQ you really can't go wrong with ordering burnt ends.  I feel it is almost a true test of the restaurant's BBQ technique, which RJ's did not fail!  All around, Justin and I have decided that this is our new favorite spot!  All stars on our rating!  You've got to try it!

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