Friday, July 10, 2009

My Passion

I have many passions in life. Sounds sort of seductive right? Actually, I was curious about this word and looked up the formal definition in my handy Webster's New World College Dictionary which entails the following:

1. Suffering or agony, as of a martyr
2. The sufferings of Jesus, beginning with his agony in the garden of Gethsemane and continuing to his death on the Cross
3. Any of of the emotions, as hate, grief, love, fear, joy, etc. or all such emotions collectively
4. Extreme, compelling emotion; intense emotionalism or fondness; strong love or effection
5. The object of any strong desire or fondness
6. The condition of being acted upon by outside influences

It can also mean a strong emotion that has an overpowering or compelling effect.

As I am writing this paper, which I am truly struggling over writing this dang paper. And, after looking up the definition of passion I realized writing is one of my passions. This paper is not only causing me some suffering in the time and writer's block I am facing, but also is eliciting emotions about how seriously I take my writing. You see, before becoming I teacher I wanted to be a journalist. Writing, speaking, acting, words, and the English language all encompassed a large piece of who I am. I love words. Some people love numbers and find security in mathematical equations. I find security in the way you can say something. Anything really. I thought journalism would be the best for me; however, immaturity and my twenties got the best of me. I also wanted to share this joy with others and thought teaching would be a happy medium. Teaching has not been enough to feed my urn and quest for knowledge. So, I decided graduate school would help. Trust me, it has been a fabulous journey, source, and outlet for writing. But, is there something more? I think we can only trust that life and wisdom will help us discover what we truly want in life. Pretty deep for only having to write a final on visual impairments huh? Anyway, I just had to get this thought out there to the blogoshpere world and also procrastinate on this paper a little more.

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