Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick! Can you hear that? It's my biological clock ticking out of control. Babies. It's a subject Justin and I have been discussing a lot lately. St. Patrick's day out with my sister was what we called "The Last Fling After the Ring and Before a Baby." We drank plenty of green beer and enjoyed all the festivities. Now it's time to get serious. So serious that while I was out and about I bought a stroller. Is that totally crazy? It just seemed right. This stroller just impressed the pants off me. I was sold on it without even being pregnant. It's sleek design included many features such as a bassinet attachment, sun guards, and sliding hand rail for tall or short people. It also had these cool wheels that apparently don't ever go flat. Really, am I totally nuts? My only concern/ buyer's remorse moment was---what if we have twins??


  1. What kind of stroller is this? It looks awesome!

  2. You are the first person I know to buy a stroller before being pregnant, but you're definitely not nuts. You'll have a baby to put in it soon enough. OH! I'd love for you and Justin to have a baby. S/he can be friends with Ty!

    And it is am impressive stroller.

  3. Is the seat of the stroller double as a car seat?

    peg perego or graco make strollers like that. I wasn't sure from the photo. it looks AWESOME!
    yup you gots the baby fever!

  4. I was just reading a review of the UPPA. Sounds like you got yourself a great stroller!