Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In case you were wondering why there has not been a post in awhile, it is all due to graduate school. We stopped the bathroom project post-tiling so we could just keep up with finishing everything in time for finals. Yes, we are nuts and are both in graduate school. Justin and I do understand, however, that this is actually a good thing for several reasons: 1) It is helping us grow in our professional endeavors, 2) It is helping us grow financially, 3) It is helping us grow as a couple because we are tremendously supportive of one another. I have come to realize from analyzing my parents' relationship as well as others that the support system must be in place or couples need to have at least some understanding of the hell in which one endures while attempting to make it through graduate school. You cannot be solely dependent amongst that individual for they are being extremely stretched in more ways than one. Anyhow, the semester is now coming to a close. I finished my last course for the semester tonight (Wednesday) and Justin will be done tomorrow. The action will all start again in June for myself, but will only last until July. I will be doubling up on two courses so I only have to take one in the fall and then my comp evals. I am projecting to be done in December with my masters!!!! Justin, however, is taking the approaching route and will not be done...hmmm...well when he gets done. He is always one to approach school work at his own pace. After a few lazy days to catch our breath we will be back to finishing the bathroom. I promise pictures soon.

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