Saturday, April 18, 2009

T is for Tile

We started our bathroom remodeling this weekend. Really, we have a great house which needs very little updating; however, carpet in bathrooms is just gross. Justin discovered how gross it was when he ripped it out on Friday. The carpet is less than three years old, but like I said, carpet in bathrooms is gross. Plus, the lovely shade of lilac paint has got to go too. It isn't bad, but we're not purple people. I didn't get it anyway since it really doesn't match the motif of the rest of the home anyway. I will post pictures tomorrow, but for now, must finish cleaning what we can actually clean of our house. Hope you all are enjoying spring!


  1. We have carpet in our master bathroom; rest are tile. I actually like it, but then again our bathroom isn't really set up like most other people's. I do think we need tile in our actual "toilet" room.

  2. In our new house we have carpet in the master bath that will be taken out! I want to see pictures. :)