Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad News Bears

For anyone that knows us, I call Justin the bear. This is mainly because I think the back of his blocky head and ears looks like a bear. Anyhow, I am really disappointed to inform you all that we might not be able to get our house. We had the inspection yesterday, which went very well considering how most home inspecters are. From experience with my mother I've noticed inspectors are very thorough individuals trying to strike fear into the heart of any homebuyer letting them know that no home, not even new is worth any money. This was not the case for us. Luckily, Mr. Inspector as I will call him, was very pleased with our home, finding very few problems. While there were a few concerns about some wires being switched in some of the electrical outlets everything was pretty good. Then came the concerns about the roof. He informed us the roof was in good shape and had at least five more years left, however, he was worried about us getting insurance because some idiot shingled composite roofing over shaker shingles (the ugly wooden ones that seem to be very popular, but very dangerous and damaging to your home). The grave news occurred this morning, that we would be unable to get home owner's insurance do to none other than the darn roof. The seller is trying to play games with us by trying to get us to use another insurance company, however, other companies have had the same grim response. Plus, we are very happy with our insurance agent. Anyhow, if we can't get the roof fixed or even partially paid for we might have to walk and find another home. I've been on the verge of tears all day because this is very disappointing news.


  1. We have the wood shingles - a fabulous requirement in good 'ol JOCO until recently - and our insurance just went up several hundreds of dollars because we haven't replaced ours yet (DUH, it's expensive!) We had to switch insurance agents - to Shelter - to get it lowered. Try them out

  2. aww I'm so sorry, I hope things work out with the insurance, but if not, there MAY be a better house down the road. Fate is just telling you to be patient.