Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend was my birthday weekend.  In honor of my birthday, my father, stepmother, and Erin, my middle sister, came for a weekend of fun in KC.  We did a little bit of shopping on Saturday and then went to La Bodega for dinner.  Dinner was, well, um, eh.  That is all I can say, eh.  My husband had made reservations and then we had to wait 20 minutes for our table.  We enjoyed some sangria while waiting, which was okay.  Then we ordered several different tapas (small plates) to share.  Maybe I over expected, but most of the items we felt we could have made at home.  For example, half an ear of corn on the cob drizzled with cheese skewered onto toothpicks.  It was good, but just eh for $8 a plate.  They also didn't bring out all of the plates we ordered.  While we didn't get charged for what we did not receive, it was just an overall "eh" experience.  But, it was fantastic to see my family!

This week we do not have much of a menu planned.  With the Bear's class, meetings, and parent-teacher conferences on the agenda we won't be at home much.  Not to disappoint though, I will be sharing a couple of little recipes with you all tomorrow and Friday.  So, stay tuned and enjoy your week!

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