Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kind Words

I often think that we do not express kind words to people enough.  We get so caught up in the moment, negativity, or whatever else might be happening around us to just stop and reflect on things that are positive.  But it is when we halt our mental negativity and find even the smallest amount of positivity, we begin to change.  Suddenly, things don't seem as bad.  We can use this positivity and kindness to find strength, a structure of support to help us overcome hardships. 

As a special education teacher in an urban school, I am surrounded by hardship, varying degrees of disabilities, ethnicities, and challenges.  It is very easy to get caught up in the stress the students bring to school and the stress of other teaching situations.  When this happens, I have learned (and this is better said than often done) to stop.  Stop and look at any small factor that might be positive.  Then I tell that child or person what they did that was positive and how it made me and/or others around me feel good.  For example, "(Name of child or adult), I really like how you smiled today!  It made me and so and so smile too."  We need to pass it on!  It makes us feel good and others feel good in return:)  I have also learned that when we stop and spotlight positivity in mysterious ways, problems turn around and eventually are resolved.

On another, but similar subject, I went to Iowa State University.  Iowa State has not always had it easy in the wide world of sports.  I think it excites any Cyclone when ESPN has any good news to share over just flat out embarrassing news about our athletic program.  My stepmother recently sent me an article regarding the recent win over Kansas State.  KSU is one of the top dogs in the Big 12.  The other night we finally triumphed!  If you choose you may read on about the kind words an outsider from the Big 12 had to say:

Either way you read this post, my message is- positive thinking, kindness, and sharing that positive energy WILL eventually triumph. Try it and see what it can do for a really sucky situation no matter how big or small;)

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