Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Menu Post

Friday's tapas party was a huge success! We enjoyed several glasses of sangria, which I will be making again, lots of laughs, and good food.  Saturday we went shopping and got lunch at a little Parisian cafe in Prairie Village, Cafe Provence.  After lunch, we went to the Country Club Plaza and continued shopping.  By the time we finished shopping, we were exhausted and just grilled steaks at home.  My sisters and mom just left this morning. Hopefully, we can all get together soon!

After all of the weekends' events, I just got the menu planned and was not feeling like fixing anything extravagant this week.  Monday night, I will be returning to yoga class. So, I really need something that is ready to just stick in the oven.  My Mexican Lasagna is an easy make ahead dish that will provide us with two nights worth of meals and left-overs for lunches later in the week.  Later in the week, Justin has class and I have appointments, so I made another make ahead dish, Chana Masala.  Finally, when the weekend arrives, we are hoping to enjoy the lovely weather and grill some pork chops with a side of Tuscan Potatoes & Peppers that can steam in little foil packets alongside the pork while everything grills.  Here is this week's rundown:

Monday 2/27        Mexican Lasagna with Salad

Tuesday 2/28        Left-overs

Wednesday 2/29   Chana Masala served over Rice

Thursday 3/1        Left-overs

Friday 3/2            Grilled Pork Chops with Tuscan Potatoes & Peppers
or Saturday 3/3

I hope everyone has a lovely week and will continue to keep you posted with these simple recipes!

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