Thursday, September 10, 2009

Really Boring

No friends, I am not trying to grow my own magic mushrooms. These are growing voluntarily in our yard. Funny thing is that I'm finally getting somewhat of a tomato crop. Okay, so I have one tomato that has not been raped by the squirrels; but, really I was mistaken when I saw the mushrooms in my yard and thought the squirrels had yet again taken my one and only tomato. While the squirrels do enjoy these mushrooms, trust me, they were eyeing me as I was taking pictures this evening, I am wondering if the mushrooms are really safe to have in my yard and why they are growing. Sorry Sam! I think by now you realize how boring I really am since I am blogging about fungi, tomatoes, and squirrels.
In other non-boring news, we are headed to Greenfield, IA for the annual Citywide Garage Sales. I am really hoping someone, and I know they are out there, is busy cleaning their home and selling some very vintage items. Just something totally cheesy like an old Budweiser hanging ceiling lamp or something. That would be cool. We are also in pursuit of a Little Tykes slide for my friend Jen since she won't be able to make it to this monumental event. Wish us luck!

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