Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exceeding Expectations

Well friends, the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle exceeded my expectations yet again. This year's favorite was not only the famous Hurley-o-ritas , but also this amazing smoked sausage. You see as a kid, I hated sausage. Nothing ruined breakfast or spaghetti more for me than the grisly weird texture of sausage. The thing I've learned about food is that it isn't that food is bad. You just have to try it cooked in the right way that appeals to you. So, folks, smoked sausage is the bomb! There were also ribs, chicken, and pulled pork just to name a few more of the extravaganza of meats. And, you also cannot have BBQ in Kansas City without some form of cheesy corn.
I know I could go on and on about the evenings eatings, but I also wanted to wish my blog a happy anniversary. Yup! It's been one year of blogging fun. Funny thing was that originally I didn't see the point in blogging. Now, I find it therapeutic almost like journalling or something. Plus, knowing how to work my blog is way easier than facebook. Speaking of which I also joined and said I would never have anything to do with. Anyway, it has been a great year of blogging and it's fun to look back at all the old pictures and posts.

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