Monday, October 13, 2008

Much a do about not nothing

So after the snake incident, there has been much a do about researching snakes. I did my research later that evening only to find venomous news. I compared pictures to our squiggly friend and concluded maybe he/she was a rattle snake. Justin being the resourceful engineer he is, sent the picture to the Kansas Herpalogical Society's Vice President and discovered it was a rat snake. If any of you have different thoughts or can identify the snake, please comment. I'm not sure who to believe, but either way I don't like it. If the snake is found in the driveway or garage again it will get run over by my car while I am protected from bites and venom.

On a happier note, our weekend was spent in Creston, Iowa for Justin's sister's wedding shower. We stayed with our good friends the Kenyons. While we did not get much sleep as young children under the age of three have very different sleeping patterns, it was a fabulous weekend. Jacqueline picked out the perfect pumpkin. I wish we would have gotten a picture. Trust me, it really had lots of character. Many thanks to our good friends! We love you guys!


  1. When you see a snake look at the head. If it is oval, the snake is non-poisonous and if the head is triangular it is poisonous. A rat snake is a common black snake.
    All snake can bite and give you infections,so you still not want to get bitten by any snake. Black snakes kill poisonous snakes. So it is good to have them around, just not in the garage.

  2. We love you guys, too! It was a fun week-end, and I think I've just about recovered.