Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Culinary Adventures Part III

Friday was yet another great culinary adventure courtesy of the Burnt Butter BBQ team.  It is always such a pleasure to be invited by our friends the Hurley's to this glutenous event.

Always enough smoked meat to feed a small army!  I wish I would have gotten more photos.  This year, however, I was busy socializing and taking pictures of all the crazy-fun names of the different teams.  Some of my favorites...

It is amazing how much hard work people put into their teams.  Not only are they up all night taking turns tending to the flame, smoke, and meat they also work to gain sponsorship and attention with tricked out grills, tents, and signs to advertise their craft.

I must also give a special shout out to Amanda at Sweet Revelry and her special cups of colorful gelatin joy. These colorful cups where quite delicious and that is all I am really going to say as it caused us to stay out a bit to late that night (cough, cough).  Revelry, by the way, means "noisy, partying, or merrymaking," according to Merriam-Webster.  Just another reason why we love the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle every year!  What would you name your BBQ team?

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