Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Culinary Adventures Part II

This year was my second appearance at the World Pork Expo.  While it was not short on fun or food, it has been hard to come up with a recap because I was feeling under the weather. I also hope that my experience does not offend any of my vegetarian friends.  My views on meat consumption have changed over the years.  I was an on-again off-again vegetarian throughout my teenage years and early twenties; however, due to a lack of nutritional knowledge at the time, found myself tired, frail, and unhealthy.  Thus, I do eat meat currently for tasty enjoyment and nutritional necessity.  I do not endorse in any way, shape, or form animal cruelty.  Who knows, now that I am more versed in nutrition, I might go vegetarian again.

Me on the left, my sister Erin on the right sporting the bag that was all the rage.  We searched everywhere for these bags!  Below, the Cookies BBQ sauce truck preparing sandwiches for the "Big Grill."
Above, my encounter with an Iowa celebrity!  The Iowa Pork Queen handing out sandwiches (which I could not eat) at the "Big Grill."  Below, the famous Hawaiian themed hospitality tent.  They make a mean Mai Thai!

  I just thought this piggy was too cute! Looks like he is ready for the Olympics!
I thought this sign was too funny!  Not everyone needs to be on a diet:)


  1. Food expos are always a lot of fun and I imagine the array of delicious pork at the expo made for a delicious afternoon. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. It was a ton of fun! Thanks to you for leaving a comment:) It is always appreciated.