Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer BBQ Tour: Part III

  The City Market has been on my Kansas City "bucket list" for quite sometime.  I usually cannot get the Bear out of the suburbs unless there is a pretty good reason.  This weekend, I told him I wanted to go on one of my "adventures."  So, we went out into the 100 degree heat and discovered some of our wonderful city.
The market had pretty much everything I have always envisioned an outdoor market would entail.  There was Italian deli, complete with a fresh meat counter, barrels of olives, an assortment of various pickled salads, and Italian sweet treats.  I have always wanted to visit such a deli and was absolutely delighted! 
There were rows of vendors selling fresh produce and spices at insanely reasonable prices.  Several artsy shops, markets of all worldly descents, bakeries, and restaurants.  We chose to dine at Winslow's BBQ.

I had not heard of Winslow's before, but they did not disappoint.  The service was outstanding and the Today Show has rated them one of the top rib joints in the country.  We split a combo platter complete with ribs, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and burnt ends.
The rub and smoked flavor was infused throughout the meats and the BBQ sauce.  What I appreciated most about the meal, was the lean meat.  Sometimes, I find BBQ to be more fatty than meaty.  This was not the case at Winslow's.  Even the ribs were packed with a lovely smoke ring and more meat than fat.  Yum!
  After lunch, we browsed the rest of the market and visited part of the Steamboat Arabia Museum.  Since we were looking for free activities, we did not tour the whole museum.  We will save that for another adventure.

The good news is where there is good BBQ, I can always drag the Bear on another adventure.  It was a blooming good time!

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