Friday, July 1, 2011

The Land of Ham

When I think of Tennessee, or most of the South for that matter, I think of smoked hams.  I still get kind of a kick out of the fact that you can find hams hanging in grocery stores, Wal-Marts, and even gas stations.  It just cracks me up! 

I also apologize for the late posting recapping the trip.  I got back Monday and have been cleaning the house or running errands all week.  My mother and I also did not really have the need to follow any sort of a menu, as we dined twice at Sassafraz.  My grandfather's favorite restaurant in town.  Sassafraz is a local favorite for most people in Union City, Tennessee.  It certainly has one of the more posh menus in town and is a cut above the other fried fair you normally find down South.  On Saturday, I ordered the Blackened Risotto special.
Then, I had dreams about it!  It was so creamy, tasty, and full of seafoody goodness.  My mother laughed when I told her this, so we went back and low and behold, it was on special again Sunday!  Yeah!  Double enjoyment!

Other shenanigans, included plenty of stops to all of the roadside attractions we never really ever got to see because we were always in a huge rush to get to my grandfather's.  Since there was no rush, we stopped in Rocheport, Missouri.  Rocheport is located along the Kitty Trail, near the Missouri River off Interstate 70.  The homes are well preserved and there are the most adorable little antique and gift stores located in its downtown.  Rochport is also located in the heart of Missouri wine country and home to Les Bourgeios Vinyards. 

So we stopped, tasted, and purchased some wine for the weekend.  All in all, it was a great trip with plenty of "horsing" around:)

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