Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year's Resolutions & Keeping Them

I really do not like New Year's Resolutions. This is usually because everyone I know, myself included, has good intentions with starting the new year off right with losing weight, quiting something, exercising, etc. What I've found is that really these resolutions should be called affirmations. One of my A.P. high school English teachers said if you put your statements or resolutions into statements such as "I will" or an affirmation, you are more likely to commit to your affirmation versus your resolution. Since my sophomore year of high school, I've done this and believe Mrs. Moberg is totally right. She was also very wise in stating that you must keep your list small and logical. I find myself tyring to "affirm" to a lengthy list all the time. What overachiever doesn't? We are always trying to achieve perfection. Perfection is somewhat of a problem too. Really, aren't we as humans always looking for zen or balance? Therefore, I tried to put my so called "New Year's Resolutions" into a very tight perspective the last two years. I've realized I will not be perfect. No one is and the more you try to paint a perfect picture or idolize perfect people you only begin to see more shortfalls or the less perfect picture.

So what are Sara Nickel's New Year's Affirmations you ask? Well, that is somewhat complex. They are really on a week to week basis as I am starting very small. My first affirmation this week was to work out at least two times this week. My Wii Fit is holding me very accountable to this! I was commenting to one of the fifth grade students today about how much I love my Wii Fit game. He said, "I hate that stupid thing! I wasn't on it for a month. That was Christmas. Of course I was eating good stuff all month. Next thing I know, I got on it and it told me I was fat!" We both laughed really hard because I told him my Wii told me the same thing. Not that I fear technology or anything, but the little Wii Fit board is holding me accountable for doing something small everyday. Good news is, my affirmation held true. I've now worked out and stepped on that Wii four days this week. I will probably set my goal for three days of physical activity next week:)

I know this blog post might be a little deep; however, maybe it will help someone if they change their thinking. I know I had to change mine.

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