Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bad Economy = Short Sleeves??

With record low temperatures and snow all across the Midwest, one might want to wear more than a skimpy tank. This thought comes about after my post-holiday shopping excursions. Everywhere from Target to J Crew has these dang tissue T's and stupid glittery tanktops. Actually, I wouldn't think them as "stupid" IF IT WEREN'T FOR IT BEING THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!! I mean come on people. You and I and the rest of the world have no desire to be prancing around in Uggs and a freakin' tanktop when it's 4 below zero outside. My second thought was that this look might be appealing for the younger crowd; however, if I had a teenage or twenty something college daughter, she sure as heck would not be allowed out of the house dressed like she lives in the Keys. She'd be dressed in a parka and chastity belt thank you very much. It's kind of sad that I'm referring to the "younger crowd" as I am still enjoying my twenties myself. Finally, my other fashion rant pertains to skinny jeans. I call my "skinny jeans" the jeans that make my behind look great or jeans that I can fit into when I'm having a "skinny day." Skinny jeans should not be jeans with legs that really should fit around my wrist. Let alone the fact that the people who are sporting skinny jeans are not skinny. They were popular in the eighties and should remain that way. Is it the bad economy and fashion vendors trying to save some cash on fabric?? What gives? Really, this all equates to myself not wanting to spend my holiday cash or giftcards and bad clothing.

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  1. I think sadly, all the stores have decided that winter is over. Some of them made that decision pre-Christmas. Apparently they do not live in a tundra.