Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy MLK Weekend!

Don't you love three day weekends? I know not all of you get MLK Day off from work. Really, it is kind of a random celebration; but, many thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for all of your contributions. Not to mention, the day off from work in your honor.

So, I had started freaking out a little bit after graduation about what to do with all of this new time on my hands. School was always my out to forget or let go of things because at the end of a work day, I had to be a student. In some ways it was a stress relief. So far so good, though. Life has found ways to fill the time gap. For example, our house is a lot tidier, I've actually done some decorating, and I've actually been working out and enjoying it again. The Wii Fit is amazing. It's like P.E. class back in elementary school when it used to be fun in the comfort of your own home. Food blogs have turned into another interest and inspiration. I love to cook healthfully, but eat well. We try to eat our five servings of fruits and veggies a day without having to be granola crunchers. It's really cool that there are so many other people in the world with this mission. Have you noticed the ever growing list of new blogs on my list? Check them out. Some are a little extreme in the health department, but offer really good information. Others have some great recipes with all of the "how to" instructions.

Finally, has anyone seen the clip of the little kids Jersey Shore? Freakin' hilarious people. You can check it out at

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