Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally a Snow Day!

We were supposed to start school with kiddos today. We've had two days sans kiddos with professional development. I don't usually blog about work because of ethical issues; however, a snow day equals personal day to me as we typically do not get them down here. If anyone of you remembers or knows me, I call Johnson County, KS (aka, Overland Park, Shawnee, Olathe, DeSoto, or anywhere else in the immediate Johnson County, Kansas area) the Orange County of the Midwest. Why? Well, this is because we have a very high income area for the metro Kansas City area. This includes both the Missouri and Kansas areas. For me it is very much replicated from a time when I moved from Creston, Iowa to West Des Moines, Iowa only times ten. Thus, the lawns and streets are typically very well manicured and when it actually does snow down here, the roads are maintained. The shopping is awesome and I often feel unkempt as I do not have my nails done in the awesome French manicure gel or solar style which is haute right now. Due to the bad economy; however, snow maintenance has been somewhat of an issue. Thus, a snow day. Let it freakin' snow! Snow days are missed as we do not get much snow down in this area. Another reason I call Kansas City the Orange County of the Midwest. Last year at this time I had started my awesome jogging plan. We actually have grilled out for the last six years on New Years Eve and Day since we have moved down here because it has been in the mid 40's or 60's. Really, you can't complain. But, it is a relief to finally get some interesting weather other than tornadoes down here. No one put the mail carrier has to complain.

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