Saturday, August 24, 2013

New App for A Nickel's Worth of News!

I feel so incredibly tech savvy right now. Way back in May, a colleague of mine told me I could create an app for the blog. After a little toying around with it, we now have an app! This app works on mobile phone devices as well as tablets. I believe you can download it at You will need to e-mail or enter your phone number and they will send you a link to download the app. It's that simple! 

In other news, I am slowly but surly working on a menu for the week. This heat is really throwing things off as WE ARE SO READY FOR FALL!!! But alas, we a midst a late August heat wave. Can't really complain as it is August and it is a heck of a lot better than last summer's heat. There will of course be Sunday's new salad recipe, a meatless Monday treat, and I'm thinking about pulling out the Crock Pot so I don't heat up the kitchen too much this week. Stay tuned and download the new app:) 

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