Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sweet Betty

Maybe it's all the thoughts about grandparents who have passed away. Maybe it's fond memories of Golden Girls re-runs. I used to watch the re-runs while staying with my Grandma and Grandpa Duree when I was growing up. Either way I cannot help but express my excitement that Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live. This is a picture of the dear Betty at 88 years young. How can you not love that? The other picture is me with my sisters Erin and Amy. It was the last time we got to see my Grandma Duree back in 2006. I don't want to make this a depressing post; however, she passed away the next day. Had I known she was going to pass soon after we left, I would have stayed with her all night. Like all of my family, she was a great woman. She grew up in a Mennonite home in the early 1900's. Then, later broke free from the community to graduate from high school two years early. She went to school in a one room school house and graduated when she was sixteen! She then fended for herself and went to school to become a paralegal. While employed in Ottumwa, Iowa she met my Grandpa Duree. They married while he was training in the Air Force to go and fight in Germany during World War II. Everything is beautifully documented on their love before marriage, life after marriage during his training, life during the war, and life when my grandfather returned from the war in a scrapbook. The scrapbook is one of the few pieces she was able to give me before she passed. I truly cherish this piece of history. Funny how this all can be sparked from media regarding Betty White. Regardless, I am excited and will surely be tuning in to see Betty.

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