Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest Blogging

Today I was asked by the creator of this blog to guest post. I am sure this will end just like Conan, with the creator offering me millions of dollars to regain control of what was rightfully hers to begin with. But enough rambling. Let's get on to the several events and happenings of this weekend.

Saturday started with a bang. Sara and I snagged some breakfast at Wendy's and then headed to Home Depot for a new bathroom faucet. The old faucet in our bedroom has been dripping for most of 2010. Not even some new parts back in January could extend the life of this faucet. Once we had one picked out, my friend Jeremy from work came over to help me install it. Well ...... that's not entirely correct. Jeremy did all the work and I assisted him. The new faucet works great and looks great too. Thanks Jeremy. Check out the pic to the left.

And most importantly, the Iowa State Cyclones got a huge victory over the #5 ranked Kansas State Wildcats. This victory was a little overdue and a long time in the making, but no one ever said being a Cyclones is easy. Congrats to the two men in the picture for their perseverance this season.

While the Cyclones were taking care of business against K-State, Sara and I took care of dinner on the new grill. This was my splurge for the spring. It makes me feel like a real man when I can cook an animal to 500 degrees. The steaks we cooked tasted great and made it feel like summer was just around the corner. Another great picture is attached.

And on a sad note, Sara was traumatized when my winter facial hair went south for the winter. She just has to get one last snap of the beard before it magically disappeared this morning. Of course the pic is added as well.

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  1. I think it's fun that Sara had you guest blog. I also didn't know Wendy's had breakfast.