Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Summer

Although the summer season is in gear for about another six weeks, my summer vacay is quickly coming to an end. Our school building opened for teachers to come in today. I plan on going in tomorrow to begin putting the classroom together. Really, there are just too many little things I need to get done at home in order to maintain life as we know it. It was funny because I was in Sam's Club yesterday afternoon and ran into our school psychologist. She said the same thing along with a few words of wisdom, "I just have to keep reminding myself that life doesn't end at home just because school is starting." And it's true, it doesn't; however, you all know how it is with putting little projects off till the weekend. Then, the weekend rolls around and you decide to put it off till later, and later, and later. For example, we have all these lovely picture frames we got as wedding gifts. Have I done anything with them? No. That is, not until yesterday. Hence, the trip to Sam's Club to finally print the pictures from years past and finally place them in our picture frames to remember all the sweet memories. Anyhow, so no memories get lost in digital photo wonderland on our computer, here are some of the good times we have relished in over the summer:

1. Friday nights on Larry and Lisa's patio. Larry and Lisa both work at city hall with Justin. This summer, we have spent many Friday nights on their patio enjoying the weather, good food, cocktails, and the pets. One night, Dan brought over his three dogs. It was a very enjoyable evening.

2. Baseball. Last night we went to a Royal's game with Jeff and Joe. Jeff and Joe are two engineer friends of Justin and are a riot to hang out with. We got to see Ken Griffey Jr. and all the new additions to Kauffman Stadium. It got me thinking…what song would you have playing when you go up to bat?

3. Weekends in Iowa. Last week, I traveled to Iowa to visit friends and family. At the end of the week, I traveled to Greenfield, IA for my sister in law's baby shower. Then, I headed down to Creston, IA to visit my good friends Jen & Joe Kenyon. I ate a ton of sweet corn and got to be there for Jen's body art. I am censoring the activity by stating it is body art, as Jen's mom and sister (who would not approve of such body markings) do not yet know about Jen's branding.

It has been a fabulous summer. Really, I have no complaints. It has been filled with all the good stuff summer is all about.

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  1. Ha ha ha! My bun-buns are on your blog! I love it!