Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I Love About Kansas

So just the other day, I was ranting and raving to my work colleagues about how much I really strongly distaste living in Kansas. While I feel very blessed to have a lovely home, good friends, a great job, and not to mention a husband with a great job I often miss my friends and family back in Iowa. It is hard some days and my biggest fear is that when I do get pregnant, I will be all alone with no help. Just as hard as is it is for us to get back to Iowa, our families struggle with visiting us here in Kansas City. This weekend, however, my dad and his wife, Brenda, made the trip south and helped us cut down a nagging tree in our backyard. I got my firsthand experience with hedge trimmers and cleaned up our bushes. It was super cool and I felt like Edward Scissor Hands only electric. After some afternoon relaxation, we drove over to Lawrence, Kansas . If you've never been to Lawrence, I highly suggest you go. It is one of the things I love about Kansas. Nestled in the heart of ultra-conservative liquor laws and evangelism, is the uber liberal city of Lawrence, home to the University of Kansas. We gave my parents a tour of campus and then went to Massachusetts Street for dinner. Although Lawrence is never short of hippies, freaks, geeks, and punks we were lucky enough to witness even more of this mesh as there was some sort of a street fair. The other thing I love about Kansas is its history. I could go on and on about all the fantastic history here. One of the historical sights in Lawrence is a hotel with a lovely restaurant establishment called The Jayhawker. The hotel was burnt down twice during the horrific boarder war between Kansas, a free state during the Civil War days, and Missouri, which was a slave state. Above you can see the dedication to the hotel which resides in the lobby. Finally, I love the weather here most of the time. We could not have asked for a better weekend. The winters are a lot more mild and there is always more fall to enjoy. Really, I think it is probably about time I give living here a break and enjoy it already:) There is plenty to love!


  1. Lawrence sounds pretty cool. I'm such a history nerd, that anytime you throw history into a sentence, I'm trying to figure out when I can get there.

  2. I love Lawrence, it's the only thing keeping us in KC too, besides jobs:) I promise it does get better.