Monday, July 27, 2009

A Visit to Amy's

My youngest sister, Amy, moved to Omaha last year. I feel so negligent to say that we had not been there to visit until this past weekend. While it was a short visit, we had a great time. Saturday, Amy played in some volleyball competition so Justin and I headed for the zoo. The zoo was supposed to be free on Saturday; however, was insanely packed. They had closed the exit on the interstate to the zoo because traffic and parking had reached maximum capacity. So, Justin and I made ourselves content at the Old Market. We ate lunch at some hole in the wall Irish bar called O'Connors. I played a little Big Buck Hunter, my favorite. Then, we walked around the shops. Our favorite shop was the Overland Fur Store. Justin and I played a little dress up with all the lovely fur items they had available. Thank goodness we or no one we know is a part of PETA or a vegan as the store would have caused animal advocates a bit of an anxiety attack. After Amy's volleyball game was over, we cleaned up and headed out for dinner and then to a tent party at the Cox Classic Golf Tournament. It was a wonderful time and great to see my sister. I am very proud of her accomplishments, her independence, and life she is building for herself. Thanks for letting us stay with you Amy! We love you!


  1. Did you buy anything at that Overland store? :) When ever I go in, I wonder who buys things there? Maybe someday when I own a hunting lodge or need to have a Dr. Zhivago moment....

  2. It looks like you have no pants on in your first picture...then I realized it was khakis! :)