Monday, January 3, 2011

Walk it Out!

Over the holidays, we had a guarenteed white Christmas. We started our trip in Manly, Iowa where the snow was piled as high as the bottom of the railroad crossing sign.
That didn't stop us from having a happy holiday though. Next, we headed to State Center, Des Moines, and then Ames where we spent the following week until my sister Erin's wedding on New Year's Eve (more pictures to come). Everyone got plenty of toys from Santa including our little niece Adylyn.
All the snow; however, did create a little bit of cabin fever. So, I've been walking it all out. Really, you can't ask for better weather for this time of year in Kansas City! With above average temps in the lower 40's there is no excuse! Today we were back to work. Justin enjoyed the treadmill over his lunch hour. As a teacher, I am not blessed with an actual hour for lunch. Regardless, I came home and hit the trails for a brisk 40 minute walk. Hopefully, I can stick to it or at least get some physical activity after work when the weather is not so pleasant. Happy trails!

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