Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rusty Nickel

I do not want the blog to turn into an advertising page; however, my sister-in-law deserves a little post time.
Last year, she decided to turn her garage into a business for selling holiday decor. Her passion and talent has now expanded to an entire shop dedicated to selling holiday decorations, candles, and treats. The style is known as "primitive." This means, taking something that is old, antique, or what the average person might sell at a consignment shop, and with simple additions and updating makes something totally new and enjoyable in your home. Some people will even buy the stuff that isn't genuine and pay top dollar for something that is not even the real deal.
My mother-in-law, cousins on the married side, and other investors have also contributed to the success. If I lived in the area and had more money to spend, I too would be a frequent shopper.

Are you interested now?? Where is this coveted shop you may ask? It is in Manly, Iowa. It is just slightly north of Mason City. Take the exit for Highway 9 east off I-35. Follow Highway 9 until you get to Broadway Street. Take a left on Broadway and another left onto East Main Street. It should be the nicest looking building on the south side or left side of the street, painted a lovely shade of dark blue with a sign that says "The Rusty Nickel." No matter what, you can't get lost. It is small-town Iowa:)

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  1. Thank you seester in-law!! I haven't recently started the blogging thing. Let's hope I can post as often as you :)