Thursday, June 11, 2009

Proud of My Hubby

I really don't like to brag much. Morally I feel it is important to remain humble as one never knows when lightening might strike. It is with great pride, though, that I must say something about my husband Justin. I have never known someone to love the field of civil engineering more than him. In his young flourishing career, he has not only worked on major projects such as the reconstruction of Interstate 635, but also was always happy to help Overland Park residents with storm water drainage problems and aid any of his seasoned colleagues when he wanted to learn more. Last year he passed the Professional Engineering Exam with flying colors. He is continuing his education and working on his Masters in Civil Engineering because he believes in being a life long learner.

Now, he is beginning one of the biggest reconstruction projects in our nation under the economic recovery act. He is working as a liaison with the Kansas Department of Transportation in the reconstructing of Highway 69. The project has caught a lot of media attention across the country. In the early spring, the project was mentioned in the New York Times. Today, Vice President, Joe Biden, is coming to visit for the ground breaking ceremony. I'm sure you can look up further information on any local Kansas City news website. It is all very exciting and I am so proud of you Justin! I love you!

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