Friday, June 5, 2009

Infomercial War!

Oh it is on! So, I've been having another bought with insomnia lately and the only thing that seems to get me to sleep is either The Weather Channel, infomercials, or as seen on TV commercials. My favorite as of lately is the Slap-n-Chop. I already own such a product from my good friends at Pampered Chef, but really get a kick out of the Shamwow guy. I didn't think we'd ever see him again. Didn't he get put in jail or something for slapping a hooker?? Anyhow, now he is back to selling things and believe me you yesterday morning I discovered he has a little competition with Billy Mays. You know, the Orange Glow and Oxyclean guy? Anyway, they are selling identical products. So, I'm asking you those who read my blog, who would you vote for/ buy product from- Shamwow guy or Billy Mays?????? Just curious.


  1. Definitely Billy Mays...and I was laughing the whole time I read this blog even though I'm sure you do not think your insomnia is funny.

  2. Billy Mays, even though he doesn't have an inside voice. Seriously, why must he always yell? Billy Mays has never slapped a hooker, or at least he's never been caught doing it, unlike Mr. ShamWow....

  3. Billy Mays. Shamwow dude (vince)says in his infomercial for the slapchop, "you're gonna love my nuts"... So stupid! Billy Mays is the guy to buy from for sure!