Friday, January 23, 2009

30 Minutes to Peace

I have to thank all of you for the suggestions regarding my insomnia. It really has been quite an issue. Thanks to your remarks and ideas I have started doing the following:
  • I have been working out. Jogging mainly. Really, I hadn't done much running (my favorite activity) since July when we did the 5K. It really feels fabulous.
  • Writing my issues down on paper before or during my insomnia issues (Thank you Bekah). I realized I was over-thinking many things and needed clarity as to how to express them. It made me realize I am a problem-solving, organizational, anal retentive, perfectionist person. There are some big tasks I have chosen to take on. It made me realize maybe I have more of an administrative personality than I originally thought. Really, this one is not only helping me with insomnia, but also helping me in my leadership and communication roles.
  • I will try my half-four to piece meditation CD thanks to my cousin Abbie. As a member of the Calderwood family, she knows alternative ways to better living and is a great leader herself. Not to mention, I think she understands our family's tendency to over-analyze and debate any issue.

So, I've been sleeping better and hope to sleep the best after trying my cuz's CD. Thanks again!

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