Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Steps

I usually try to make my blog a very happy place.  Running, cooking, and blogging bring such joy to my life.  I guess that might be why I've tried not to bring up too many issues or complain.  I also do not like to get too personal sharing issues over the blogoshpere.  That being said, I am only bringing this information to heart for advice, encouragement, and really to take a proactive approach to what I am about to share. 

For the last two years, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby.  While he sometimes feels we were not trying hard enough (I think you get the male hint here:)) We miscarried back in January.  This was very disheartening news for us both. My body felt totally off kilter and I had been having my period for two weeks straight.  I had taken two home pregnancy tests which were negative and never would have known had I not sought out medical attention. That put a major damper on things until this summer.  While we were not not trying, I was not feeling totally prepared emotionally unless the news was positive. 

This summer, I have finally been able to relax. I am not beating myself up and am working on being kind to myself.  I am finally getting regular exercise in.  I am implementing more vegetarian meals into our weekly menu.  I am taking good pre-natal vitamins and charting my basal body temperature.  My husband and I have been going out on dates and making time for each other.  We have totally reconnected as a couple; however, we are still not preggars.  After talking with my OBGYN, whether we are trying hard enough or not, she said I really should have been pregnant by now.  I am not one to run to the doctor for every cold or ailment.  However, rather than continue to be frustrated, I feel that we will be taking a more proactive approach than continuing to "wait and see" or feel like "I'm not trying hard enough."  This will probably take some time if I have yet again not conceived this month, as it is too early to know.  And again, I will never know unless I seek some sort of medical attention.  It will require patience, understanding, and be a bit of a test for us as a couple.  Regardless, I feel these are the positive steps we need to take and will help us achieve our goal in creating a family.


  1. Wishing you lots of luck in the baby-making department, and don't feel bad about seeing a doctor for some help. You're going to be an awesome mommy.

  2. Good luck! I feel your pain on the miscarriage front as I had one in between Ashlee and Tyler.

    They say stress doesn't help in the baby making game, so those date nights and relaxation might be what the doctor order......and if it's not, there always are other options. It will happen and you'll rock at being parents!

    PS - Did you know you can be doing, you know, too much? Be sure to space the "fun" out