Saturday, October 23, 2010

So...It's Been a While

Lately every time I think about sitting down and actually writing a post, I've been distracted. What has been happening? Let's back up to August. School started, we had my grandfather's funeral, and then had a break. Then came September. We had the typical revolving door of visitors, getting preparations under way for my sister's shower and bachelorette party, a trip to Weston to visit the Red Barn Farm, and then October snuck up on us. The first weekend of October marked the first of two birthdays (my dad's on the 3rd, my sister Erin's on the 10th) and the couples wedding shower for the bride and groom to be. Then we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 6th, with a celebratory dinner at Lidia's later that weekend. On the 15th, I headed back to Iowa sans Justin for the bachelorette party. This weekend, I finally got a break from traveling and celebrating; however, MUST FINISH CLEANING! Yes, it has been the major project this weekend. So, I apologize for the two month sabbatical, but not worry. I am back:)

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