Friday, December 4, 2009

Crooked Christmas Tree

I have to admit, my lovely Christmas tree seen two previous blogs before, is totally crooked. I received this tree from my mom when we lived in a condo with vaulted ceilings. She thought I might be the only person who could use such a tall tree. Which, is totally true. Most of my family members are currently renting or live in spaces sans vaulted ceilings. We have always chosen spaces with vaulted ceilings or taller than average ceilings. I have a tall husband and we both always choose what is aesthetically pleasing to our(his) eye. Anyway, it is an artificial tree which comes with branches that are supposed to be in order; however, it has taken over five years to really figure out the order in which the branches are to be hung. You see, my mom just sort of gave me the box to get it out of her house. My mom's definition of alphabetic or whatever order is very different than that which fits normalcy. So, now we have the order figured out, but how in the heck do we fix the crookedness?? It is a gorgeous tree! A totally gorgeous, crooked, Christmas tree. While I would love to fix the crookedness of the tree, I began thinking that life is not always organized, gorgeous, nor does it lead you on a straight path. Thus, I have come to accept the crookedness. I love my tree. Every piece exemplifies something about what my life and my family's life is totally about. In Lou of 1980's popularity, I must say it is totally awesome.

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  1. You're not the only one who took a few years to figure their secondhand tree out. From the photo below it looks gorgeous.