Monday, October 12, 2009

10 Years

I know it has been a while, almost like ten years, since the last blog. Life got the best of me again. I am nearing the end of my graduate studies, it's the end of the quarter at school, and I had other personal duties to attend too that left me completely exhausted and crabby by the end of last week. Anyhow, the Creston High School Class of 1999 finally had their 10 year class reunion. Before attending the reunion, the Kenyon family and the Nickels celebrated Pumpkin Days in Orient, Iowa. I purchased a fairytale pumpkin from non other than the legendary Novak Gardens man. The guy is rumoured in the town of Creston to be sort of like Kokapeli. I can't imagine ever having much to do with this guy other than politely saying hello and purchasing produce from him; however, since we're still trying to conceive I thought it might help things along if I had my picture taken with him. John Oscar and Jacqueline both enjoyed the parade. Next year, we hope to make it back for the couples lawn mower race.

Next, was the class reunion. It was the nice/good-to-see-some/awkward feeling that I had expected. Jen and I posed for a lovely picture with the fellow buffalo of 3 mile lake lodge before crashing the Class of 1994 reunion, which was way more fun than ours. They had a theme- The Past, Present, and Future; plus, a class president who was way more ambitious than others. Their class reunion completed the theme with tarot card readings, a photo booth, and magic 8-balls as favors. All in all it was a great and memorable weekend. At least what we can remember of it:)

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  1. It was a really fun weekend! I'm glad you guys came up. Creston High School Class of 1994 Rules! I'm still really bummed this weekend didn't work out.