Sunday, February 1, 2009

Squirrel Hotel

The weather was a very nice 70-degrees Saturday. The unseasonably warm weather had the squirrels going crazy. Too bad I could not get any pictures of them. One, cracked out ground squirrel even had the audacity to climb up our screen sliding door. Justin, however, scared him away before I could get a picture. All the squirrel nuttiness made me think I should share our lame sense of humor with a lovely photo of our squirrel Embassy Suites. This picture does not even do this thing any justice because I couldn't zoom in close enough with my camera. The mass of mud and leaves you see in the trees is what Justin and I have coined as the Squirrel Hotel. We live in a very wooded area, so naturally we have a lot of squirrels. Outside the front of our house and down the entire street, you can find squirrel nests so large we decided to call them hotels. There is also the squirrel Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, and Super 8. Our squirrel hotel is more like the Embassy Suites.

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