Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deck the Halls?

After getting pumped about fall festivities last weekend, I decorated our fireplace with bittersweet and a pumpkin. Really, this should have been done like two months ago when we moved into our home. I say this because with the weather changing and all the commercials about the Holidays, I now want to put up all of our Christmas decorations. Is it to early I ask? We never really got into decorating for any holiday until about three years ago when I worked an extra job at Bath & Body Works/ White Barn Candle Company. Yes the fine art of selling scents and wax, as my good friend Sam once said. It was a fantastic job. Maybe it was the fumes that made it so enjoyable. The other funny things was the realization that one cannot help in any retail position to be thinking about a holiday months before the holiday actually occurs. I believe I put up fall decorations in August that year and was already priming the home for Christmas right after Halloween. Overall, I must say the season only comes once a year. Thus we must relish in the moments and signs of the season life has to offer. Up goes the tree!


  1. I think I know where that bittersweet came from ;) If all works well, Mark and I hope to start our own bittersweet patch next year!