Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ode to the Black Couch

It has been almost five years since Justin and I first moved in together. Though originally not as a couple, we have always enjoyed each other's company. Especially time together on the lovely black couch. After living in the sorority house for two years, I did not get the chance to accumulate nearly as much furniture as Justin. Justin is a sucker for cheap/free furniture and rarely turns down a deal. Hence, what we call the "sexy black couch."

Yesterday, some younger twenty-something maintenance men were in our apartment to patch a hole in our ceiling. One of them was duitifully eyeing the sexy black couch and even commented on how much he liked the couch. I also had a ceiling fan that needed to be installed, thus I made a deal with the young buck that if he installed my ceiling fan today he could have the couch. After conversing with Justin to get the "okay" on everything a deal was struck. They installed my fan and he is now the rightful owner of the couch.

It has taken two years for Justin to finally part with the sexy black couch. I comforted him by letting him know it was in good hands and that maybe the couch would bring this dude as much luck as it brought Justin:) Ode to the sexy black couch.

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  1. We, too, parted with our sexy black couch (or lack thereof). It found a new home with some younger people who will enjoy it better than I. I guess it's the passing from college to adulthood, welcome aboard :) hehehe